Footsteps delivers commissioned training to front line workers, teachers, parents, students and other staff teams. The format and content of our training sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation. Drugs and Alcohol Training with a Difference!

At the heart of Footsteps’ training sessions is our own experience. We bring to life the latest information and concepts around addiction and recovery and create an environment where participants feel comfortable to ask questions.

Our trained staff have many years’ experience of working with people and families living with drug and alcohol use, and have supported hundreds of partners, parents, siblings and grandparents to focus on their own well-being and develop coping strategies to regain control over their lives.

As well as written and presented information and activities, participants will benefit from personal stories, which illustrate the journey of recovery from the family’s perspective.

Our Core Training Programme

Our training programme was developed to raise awareness of the needs of families as part of the services for drug and alcohol users, and the valuable role of strengthened family relationships in a person’s recovery. We aim also to raise awareness of the support families need in their own right to start their own journey of recovery.

Recovery for all?

This one day course is to increase participants understanding of the impact of drugs and alcohol within the family, and the course is for anyone working with families or in a community setting.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Teachers

This course will increase the confidence of front-line professionals in schools to support young people and families to make informed choices about drugs and alcohol. You will gain knowledge and confidence to inform and challenge young people and families’ perceptions about drugs and alcohol, which will enable you to impact on young people’s decision making and reduce harm.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Parents and Carers

This course is designed for parents, carers and other family members, community groups and anyone concerned about another person’s drug or alcohol use, who would like to learn more about the effects of drugs and alcohol within the family. This training programme aims to reduce substance related harm by giving you the information and skills you need to communicate effectively with your child about drugs and alcohol.